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Advantages and Disadvantages of Caffeine for Bodybuilders

Caffeine is a drug that is used daily by 90% of Americans. The advantages for most include alertness and increased energy. It has been tested for decades, and aside from obvious abuse at levels of greater than one gram per day, caffeine is relatively safe for most of the population. But there are some side effects which might affect bodybuilders more than others, both negatively and positively.

Fat Burning

Caffeine is an excellent fat-burner. Many bodybuilders stack caffeine with ephedra and aspirin for the very effective ECA stack. Even alone, caffeine is very effective at leading to increased oxidation and a desired thermogenic effect. Use 200 mg, twice per day, to assist with diet and cardio for losing body fat.

Limit weight gain

This can be a double-edged sword for SARMs Before And After Results bodybuilders. Caffeine delivers a naturally thermogenic effect, as mentioned. The problem with this, especially among advanced and even intermediate bodybuilders, is that this thermogenic effect may prevent muscle growth. Keeping the body in this “warm” state of increased stimulation is great for making the abs show through and veins start to emerge. But it also removed one of the components required for building new muscle – the extra available calories. Consume caffeine on a limited basis during those time periods when attempting to add body weight.

More energy in the gym

Without a doubt, caffeine leads to increased energy. For most sedentary people, that might be the energy they need just to walk to the car and to their cubicle at work. But for advanced bodybuilders, who subject their systems to intense daily training for 60 to 120 minutes, that extra energy can make a good workout into a great workout.

Increased brain function

While increased mental abilities are good for all of is, they are especially useful for bodybuilders. The demands placed upon the body do borrow resources for recover, which would be used for mental processes. Additionally, going to the gym is no easy task, mentally. Training at high levels requires a great deal of counting, measurement, and fear, and it does shock the system greatly. Caffeine definitely gives bodybuilders an advantage in all of these areas.