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Important Places To Regularly Test The Presence Of The Legionella Bacteria

Though the cases of people contacting Legionnaire’s diseases has grown relatively low in the past several years, there can be no denying the fact that this particular illness still remains to be one of the most dreaded ones across the world.

Legionnaire’s disease is a bacterial pneumonia infection that is contracted by people who accidentally or inadvertently inhaled water droplets or aerosols teeming with the Legionella bacteria. Though this disease is not communicable, older people, specifically those with weak respiratory systems, are more susceptible to this disease since they regularly use hot water when they are bathing or frequently take steam baths to clear their nasal passages and for other homeopathic purposes. This disease has also been proven to be more harmful and deadly for the elderly population.

The particular type of bacteria responsible for causing Legionnaire’s disease is the Legionella specie. The Legionella bacteria thrive and breed in tepid water and apparatuses where warm water passes regularly through. And there are a lot of water and plumbing systems or features even in your home that may be harbouring the Legionella bacteria.

As such, these are the essential places that need to be regularly tested legionella besmetting for the presence of this type of bacteria so that they can be eradicated immediately and they are prevented from spreading.

Below are the important and common places you need to frequently conduct Legionella water testing:

Your home’s hot water system. Water coming from the hot water cylinder or calorifier, shower, bath and wash hand basin taps need to be tested to detect the presence of Legionella. This is because these fixtures have the desirable temperature and scales and sediments in them that make them the best places for the Legionella to live in and thrive.

Kitchen and cleaner sinks. Since water is usually used and even deposited in these fixtures, various types of bacteria are usually present in them. The Legionella bacteria can easily be one of the types of bacteria that can be living in these frequently used fixtures.

Your spa or Jacuzzi. A lot of homes have a spa or Jacuzzi now. And though they can provide you hours of relaxation, these features make great breeding grounds for the Legionella bacteria as well since they also have the ideal temperature levels that make them really attractive to the dreaded bacteria.