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Perfect Gift For The Dad To Be During Football Season!

Looking for that special gift for the dad-to-be. With Football Season here, why not turn your growing belly into a sports work of art! Create a belly cast, paint it with the dad-to-be’s favorite sport or team and either give it to him as-is or turn it around and make it into a snack bowl while he is watching his favorite sport. Or, better yet, paint your belly or have him paint it with his favorite sport or team and join him for an afternoon of sports!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck received a belly cast bowl with the colors of the NY Giants to support her husband, Tim Hasselbeck, who played for the NY Giants but recently signed with the Arizona รวมเว็บแทงบอลufabet Cardinals.

ProudBody has developed the most clever products for the mom-to-be. Its pregnancy belly cast kit and belly painting kit are just two of the many products you can have fun with while creating a unique keepsake of that growing belly! The sky is the limit when decorating the growing belly.

ProudBody’s belly paints apply easily with water and remove easily with mild soap and water. The possibilities are endless. Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures of your uniquely decorated belly! Kit will easily paint 20 pictures covering mom’s entire belly. Any unused paints can be stored for future use, such as for children’s face painting projects.

This project makes a great activity for the family to participate, a great activity at a babyshower or great gift for the dad-to-be!

ProudBody’s original and favorite product is its Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit. The mom-to-be can create a lasting memory of a pregnant belly in just 30 minutes. Making a pregnancy belly cast using the ProudBody Belly Cast Kit is an easy craft – no mixing of messy materials and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom’s beautiful pregnant form. This too makes for a fun activity for the family and what a great keepsake for the mom-to-be to bring home from her baby shower.