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Real Estate Development – Two Essential Keys to Building a Successful Property Development Business!

Although I don’t currently practice real estate, I can see that both the real estate and affiliate industries require market transformation. They need it quickly. When I was a realtor, I can recall the good times. Each month, I work on between 4 and 6 active deals. Participating in 4 to 6 home inspections, helping buyers find financing options, meeting with mortgage lenders, and coordinating every 4 to 6 transactions per month. Then getting paid. In the middle of it all, I had between 4 and 5 buyers and 3 to 4 sellers who needed market analysis for their homes. Agents in residential and commercial real estate markets aren’t hard-working.

You can make a schedule similar to this. Try to imagine all this happening. Imagine a world in which an agent shows buyers 20-30 homes and then they refuse to buy, or if the lender rejects them.

Imagine agents doing this for at least 4-6 buyers. Imagine writing contracts and communicating back and forth about situations you don’t like. Sellers will not listen to agents and just have their home sit. Builders who own land that has not been developed? It is becoming increasingly difficult to pay taxes when you are unable to pay your contractors or your support staff. Agents who advertise with their own money don’t get houses. Agents pay $2000 a year for their business. This includes incidentals like license renewals, MLS and association dues, continuing education credits, and continuing education credits. What about the loan officer trying to refinance people but not being able to get them a loan? Consider the home inspector who waits on the agents to get business. Everyone is in pain.

Is there a way out? Are there any solutions? Yes!

Let me now present another scenario. You are either a seller or buyer of real estate. An agent who is certified green will help you understand the green aspects of homes. Your agent should be a friend or relative if you want to sell or put your house on the market. They claim they have 6,000 certifications and have been certified green by Green Real Estate Education. They love the fact that they had to spend only $99 to find out about energy efficiency and how green these issues can affect the home you are considering buying or selling. They didn’t want to spend thousands or hundreds of dollars to learn more about energy efficiency. You can too, but you should be mindful of their budget. This agent is a great resource. This Certified Real Estate Professional is trained to help you understand how to keep your utility bills down and improve indoor air quality. The agent works with two to three (GCHI’s) Green Certified Home Inspectors. Two Green Certified Mortgage Professionals (GCMP), who are experts in financing energy-efficient upgrades and special loans for homes with higher energy efficiency, are available to them.

This agent enjoys working with buyers who want a utility bill of $500-$1000 per year. Are you already attracting interest? It is said that green buildings can improve indoor air quality. It’s quite interesting. It is possible to find a home with an Energy Star, Environments for Living or LEED green certification. This home is priced the same as other homes but has a lower utility bill, energy efficient systems, and solar power. It’s also in a great location. Which home will you choose?

A Green Certified Real Estate Agent (a GCREP) is the person you call to ask how you can help your home sell within a year. They recommend that you replace all fluorescent light bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent products. Also, they suggest that you paint your home with non-toxic paint and add efficient insulation. These suggestions are a little different from the usual advice. They also have the certification that 6,000 people have all over the country.

You may decide to not sell in the future, but the Green Certified agent, inspector, or mortgage professional has taken level two certification. They will advise you to have an energy audit. The results of the audit will show that your roof, windows, insulation, and roof need to be upgraded. The state offers a PACE program. You may be wondering what PACE is. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), guglu homes real estate for sale allow property owners to invest in energy efficiency, renewable energy and water efficiency projects. They can then repay the costs on their property tax or utility bills (depending on whether there are local laws and options). Wow, half my family is in construction, and they are out of work. What a great way to get work. Is this the future of job creation? This is something you didn’t know.