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Scout the Parents of Your Youth Football Team

One of the many considerations you must make when coaching youth football is the parents of the players. Problem parents are the reason I stopped coaching after my first 15-year run. Problem parents can ruin a good season and make a bad season unbearable.

There is a wide range of problems from the parents who question everything you do, to the loud mouth at the games or practices. I will explain what I look for going into my youth football tryouts. This is not a foolproof system, but it helps weed out the majority of problems or at least it gives you a heads up.

I have found many different tips you can use as a warning sign. These tips should be used as a general guide. First, talk to the previous youth football coach. He will have some insight as to the demeanor of the parents. Talk to the Head Coach and as many of the assistants as possible. Make sure you know the personalities of each coach so you can put their assessment in the proper context. Second, I would talk to the Board of Directors UFABET งบน้อยก็เดิมพันได้ about any player whom the previous coaches have warned about. I would do this only in the extreme situation where you have heard nothing good about a certain player’s parents. Third, I talk to the other parents. This one can be a little tricky since some parents just do not get a long or are jealous of each other.

This is a good foundation for you to have before the youth football evaluations or tryouts begin. During thee evaluations week I always assign an assistant to “monitor the parents”. By this, I mean I have an assistant watching what is going on and make sure he is available to answer any questions the parents may have. Many times the problem parents just cannot help themselves when there is someone available to complain to. These parents are slitting their own throat and do not even realize it.

Coaching youth football is handling more than just the kids. You need to have complete control over as much as possible. You really want to have NO surprises.

I can guarantee that none of this is fool proof. You will get the occasional parent to slip through the cracks, or their son is such a stud you decide to take the risk. Read on and you will see how I handle this situation while coaching youth football.