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Ten Little Known Facts About New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

When judging NFL head coaches of the past decade or so by their team’s on field accomplishments, it is hard to place anyone higher on the list than New England’s own Bill Belichick.  Belichick got his first head coaching break with the Cleveland Browns, and things did not go so well.  Since he has been the top man in New England though, the team has seemingly been a contender each and every season.  Here is a look at ten little known facts about New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

1.  He was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

2.  He was head coach of the Cleveland Browns for five seasons, but in only one of them did his team put up a winning record.

3.  His father played pro football for the Detroit Lions.

4.  He attended Wesleyan University and while in college, he played tight end and center on the football team while also excelling in two other sports; lacrosse and squash.

5.  The coach has a college degree in economics.

6.  His first coaching job in the NFL was as an assistant with the Baltimore Colts.

7.  Bill Belichick has spent time as an assistant or head coach of the following franchises:  Colts, Lions, Broncos, Giants, Browns, Patriots, and Jets.

8.  He was the last head coach of the old Cleveland Browns before they moved to Baltimore to become the Ravens.  Before the team made the move he was fired as the head coach, he would be replaced by Ted Marchibroda who had given him his first NFL job in the mid-70s when as head coach of the Colts he hired Belichick to ufabetบนมือถือ be his assistant.

9.  Some of the people who have served as assistant coaches for Belichick and gone on to be head coaches elsewhere include:  Romeo Crennel (Cleveland Browns), Eric Mangini (New York Jets), Nick Saban (Miami Dolphins), Charlie Weis (Notre Dame), Kirk Ferentz (Iowa), Al Groh (Virginia), and Pat Hill (Fresno State).

10.  Bill Belichick’s father was an assistant coach for the United States Naval Academy football team for more than 30 years.

Bill Belichick has turned the New England Patriots into a team that has to seriously be worried about each and every year by the other teams in the league.  He has not only instilled his trademarked tough defense on the team, he has given them an offense that is hard for other teams to compete with on a game-by-game basis too.  A private person, Belichick will always remain a somewhat mysterious figure in this era where we seem to have 24 hour access to sports figures’ lives.  No matter how anyone feels personally about Belichick tho