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What Makes Medications So Risky?

First, the fact that the side effects of medications is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, should make one question whether there might be a better solution. I’m convinced that there is. In fact, I don’t trust drugs, have never relied on them, and at 77 am in “excellent health” – – no disease or conditions!

In fact, if medication side effects is considered the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S., you might say that they are responsible for creating a disease – – “drug side effect disease”. It would appear that the best way to avoid the disease would be to avoid the drugs that were responsible. Unfortunately, the FDA drug approval process no longer assures a drugs safety, as the company seeking approval now conduct their own studies, (at times even in third world countries)! Although most patients are taking several medications, which greatly increases the risk, regarding FDA approval, they are instead tested individually. Most drug trials are normally short duration; it’s normally after long-term use, that problems eventually become apparent.

All too often, it’s not until thousands die from a drugs’ side effects, Thus the majority of testing is being conducted on the unsuspecting public, (after FDA approval). It’s only then that thebuy mk2866 Ostarine sarms FDA finally agrees to remove it from the market. Often the FDA requires the placement of a black box warning when a drug should be removed from the market. Seldom will the drug manufacturer voluntarily pull a drug, especially if it’s very profitable. There are literally hundreds of drugs currently on the market, with new drugs constantly being added. If you consider that the current Physicians Desk Reference (2010 edition) actually contains 3,643 pages of “ultra fine print” describing hundreds of drugs, it’s obvious that few doctors would have adequate time to research the many different drugs they prescribe daily. Most of their information actually comes from their pharmaceutical representative, obviously biased, as their job is to sell – -not inform. Discussing a drugs risks won’t sell, nor is that what they are encouraged to do. A great deal of their salary is based on sales.

Many different factors can influence the actual dosage of a particular drug a patient had been placed on, would make it through the liver’s detox (yes they are toxins). For example, some people are fast metabolizers, thus, their “effective dose” of a drug would normally be considerably lower. The liver metabolizes and removes more of their drugs. In fact, the same also applies to alcohol (another toxin). It’s a well-known fact that fast metabolizers can drink more than slow metabolizers, without becoming intoxicated.